On a HOT 4th of July weekend in 1981 I attended a Day On The Green concert in Oakland, California – HEART headlined that day and when I saw Ann Wilson strutting across the stage with her tamborine singing Bebe Le Strange, I said to myself, “who the hell was that?!?!”.

The rest is history, I haven’t missed a tour since ’81. I have been a collector of Heart memorabilia for 25+ years and in 1996 I created this web site, as I wanted to share my collection with other Heart fans from all around the globe.

My favorite album is Bebe Le Strange – my favorite song, too many to mention!! One Word from Private Audition is my favorite Howard Leese guitar solo ever! My favorite tours were in support of Bebe Le Strange & Passionworks.

This gives you a little background on how The HEART Gallery came to be. Feel free to connect anytime!

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