Sue Ennis speaks “Red Velvet Car”

Heart - Red Velvet Car - coming soon

Sue Ennis (longtime writer for Heart and member of The Lovemongers) wrote this:

I just heard the new album this week. I wanted to drop by and tell you all that: IT IS MIND BLOWING. All you need to know is that your July (release time) is going to be a euphoric month as you play this record over and over. Speaking as a fan, I think there are at least new 4 songs that rank among the best songs the band has ever recorded.

Sue Ennis and The Lovemongers

It’s the right album at the right time and I’m completely out-of-my-mind-in-love with the songs and the production. BTW, I only had a very, very tiny hand in the album so it’s OK if I rave about it 🙂 Still doubtful? I have NEVER before freaked out about work my friends have done but I’m stepping out in public this time. (Check me out on Twitter!)

Longtime fans: your dreams have been answered. New fans: you’re in for something very special.

Mind blowing!

From Sue’s Twitter: @SueEnnis

Nice to hear what Mink has done with old chestnut “Sand” (from Lovemonger days) on the new album. He pierced through to the heart.