An Evening at the Grammy Museum

Crazy On Heart – The Wilson sisters grace the GRAMMY Museum at An Evening With Heart.

HEART visit the GRAMMY Museum

The Wilsons exhibited enthusiasm in discussing Red Velvet Car, Heart’s first studio album since 2004’s Jupiter’s Darling. When asked about the lyrical theme regarding the album’s title track, Ann Wilson said, “[It’s] about that night when maybe you’ve hit bottom or you’re stuck some place out in the rain, and you have no recourse but to get on the phone and call your best friend and say, ‘Help! Come get me!'” Nancy Wilson described another new song, “Hey You,” as a romantic love letter to her husband, Oscar winner Cameron Crowe, and how the song idea had lingered for years only to finally come together in the studio in a moment of spirited collaboration with producer Ben Mink.

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