Nancy Wilson drops title of new solo album! “You & Me”

HEART’s Nancy Wilson talked to Meltdown of Detroit radio station WRIF about her upcoming debut solo album, which is tentatively due in February or March 2021 via Carry On Music. Asked if she has a title for the effort, Nancy said: “[The] title is ‘You And Me’. That’s a song on the album, called ‘You And Me’. And it just turned out really great. It’s a song my longtime collaborator friend Sue Ennis and [I] wrote together. We kind of blended two different songs that we had written about our moms, actually, and we made a new song out of it called ‘You And Me’. And it’s just so simple, I just thought, ‘Okay, well, that’s pretty easy to remember.'”

On the topic of whether there are any guests on the album, Nancy said: “I’ve got one song that I wrote with Duff McKagan [GUNS N’ ROSES] and Taylor Hawkins [FOO FIGHTERS]. They had a jam that they shared with me, and I finished it. And it’s called ‘Party At The Angel Ballroom’. And actually, I covered [SIMON & GARFUNKEL’s] ‘The Boxer’, which I did with HEART last year, with Sammy Hagar guesting on that. He’s a buddy. He sounds really good on that. I have this other big rocker. I said, ‘Do you wanna sing on this big rocker?’ And he’s, like, ‘It’s kind of expected. It would be a little less interesting.’ I said, ‘Okay. What about ‘The Boxer’?’ And he’s, like, ‘I love that song. I’ve loved that song forever.'”

Another song that will be included on “You And Me” is Nancy’s cover of PEARL JAM’s “Daughter”, which she originally recorded for “I Am All Girls”, a South African film which shines a light on human trafficking. “It’s a real story,” she said. “It’s a really cool movie, and it should be in that too pretty soon.”

Wilson described the experience of making her first solo album as “really rewarding. It’s fun for me to sort of take hold of the first studio solo album and do all the singing,” she said. “Not that I consider myself a premier ballerina kind of a singer like Ann [HEART’s lead singer and Nancy’s sister], but it’s really fun. I love it ā€” I love trying to be the singer and doing the harmonies and playing all the parts, pretty much. My band guys, from HEART mainly, are passing around files, and we’re just taking notes and responding to the new parts that they put on. And it’s coming together really great.”

Last month, Nancy released the first single from the upcoming LP, her stunning rendition of Bruce Springsteen’s “The Rising”.