Heart Roll Into Street Date Studios In A “Red Velvet Car”

Say the name Heart to any fan of classic rock and immediately you’ve got a sing-along on your hands. It’s impossible to think of the band without busting into one of rock’s great power ballads. Whether it’s “Alone,” “These Dreams” or “What About Love,” Heart literally wrote the soundtrack to the American love story, and their music has helped define the sound of rock ‘n roll for over a generation.

Last month they released a brand new album called “Red Velvet Car” featuring two hot new singles (“WTF” and “Hey You”). Ann Wilson and Nancy Wilson rode their Red Velvet Car right into the Street Date studios last month to preview songs from the new album, and treat a handful of lucky fans to some all-time hits from their treasured catalog!

Read and watch more @ http://streetdate.radio.com/2010/10/05/heart-roll-into-street-date-studios-in-a-red-velvet-car/